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Third Reich : Wehrmacht / Waffen-SS Marching Compass.

Lightweight aluminium and bakelite compass, 50mm square with sighting facility and green cord attached.
No makers marks. This may have had some form of top cover at one time but this is exactly how it came from the veteran who acquired it.

Code: 51146

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Third Reich : Wehrmacht / Waffen-SS Compass with Leather Lanyard.

Black bakelite-bodied compass with sight and reading-mirror cover complete with leather lanyard, Working order and in excellent condition. Manufacturer's code and mould-number '2' appear on the casing underside.
This style of compass is shown in the book "Deutsche Soldaten" by Agustin Sáiz on page 182.

Code: 51145

68.00 GBP

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Third Reich : Very rare Wehrmacht / Waffen-SS Officer's "Wolchowstock".

More photos of Item 51143

Code: 51144

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Third Reich : Very rare Wehrmacht / Waffen-SS Officer's "Wolchowstock".

Hand-carved Stick dated '1943' and including the words "Russland" and "Wolchow" amongst the various designs carved into the dark wood. Overall length 78cm. This is not one of the many post-war whittlings that are around but one which has seen some service. Very good condition. This has been in my personal collection since July 1976.
(This is quite a historically important item of German Wehrmacht history. These hand-carved sticks are named after the Wolchow river-area near Leningrad in Russia where very hard fighting was experienced by the German army, Luftwaffe, and Waffen-SS in the later war years. Throughout the eastern campaign these sticks were carved by Poles, Russians ,Ukrainians and PoWs and were given as tokens of friendship to the German soldiers. On page 174 in Brian L. Davis’ book, "German Army Uniforms & Insignia 1939-1945"....(see item 50509) there is a picture of an officer carrying one of these sticks. Original sticks rarely show up today and they are always considered a real prized trophy of the vicious fighting on the Eastern Front).

Code: 51143

175.00 GBP

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COPY : Third Reich - Tank Destruction Badge in Silver.

Special badge for the single-handed destruction of a tank. Silver wire ribbon (90mm x 35mm) with black borders and non-magnetic tank. The badge is backed with field-grey cloth.

Code: 51142


Third Reich : Westwall Medal (Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen) with original packet.

Late war issue zinc oval medal complete with ribbon (see photos) in brown titled paper packet. Reverse of packet has makers name 'Carl Poellath, Schrobenhausen'.

Code: 51141

35.00 GBP

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Third Reich : Original P08 9mm Ammunition cartons.

Cardboard boxes each to contain 16 rounds of 9mm ammunition for the P08 Luger. Each box has its original label and are dated 1941 or 1942. There are various makers codes and dates impressed into the cardboard lids..The boxes still retain their internal card fittings and whilst complete show varying signs of wear.
Seven boxes available price per box.

Code: 51140

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BRD : Bundeswehr 1963 Songbook "Hell klingen unsre Lieder" - Liederbuch der Bundeswehr.

Soft-back / plastic-cover pocket book (145mm x 105mm) with 125 pages of songs and music. Early Bundeswehr issue in as new condition.

Code: 51139

8.00 GBP

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Third Reich : 1943 Pocket-diary "Jahrbuch für den deutschen Soldaten im Norden"

Softback diary (125mm x 90mm) with a silver eagle & swastika on the cover produced for Wehrmacht personnel stationed in Norway. Around 200 pages including information and diary pages which have no handwritten entries on them. The book is complete though the cover (which is partially loose inside) shows signs of handling wear.

Code: 51138

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Third Reich : 1943 Kriegsmarine Issue of the "Der Soldatenfreund" Pocket Diary.

Green hardback pocket-book (125mm x 80mm) bearing an anchor on the cover with around 400 pages. The first 255 pages include lots of information, history, naval & marine matters,adverts, etc...This is followed by the diary section which has no handwritten entries and finally some blank pages for notes and twelve colour tables of uniforms, flags, etc. Complete and in very good condition.

Code: 51137

35.00 GBP

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